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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Things I want to teach my kids.. but i might forget. I had to have an gastroscopy as well as a colonoscopy after feeling sick for a few weeks with a stomach bug that wouldn’t go away. Some of you who have had this know that it’s not about the actual procedure that’s the worst part.. but the prep work needed to cleanse the bowel 24 hours prior. Which led me to think about how important it is to have a plan and to have done all the prep work needed to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding. In my case, the prep work started a long time ago with regular excessive as well as a good diet. Health is the new wealth as we discovered in 2020 when the world was hit with Covid19 and literally shutdown overnight. We take out health for granted until one day, when it’s gone.. and it’s not as quick to get back. We live in a fast paced world that’s demanding and filled with distractions, entertainment and things to keep you buying and consuming and unfortunately the advertisers have the university degrees so they’re winning the race of how they get us to spend our money on stuff that most times we don’t really need.. but we think we do. Which then forces us to work the long hours we do as well as skip meals or eat the wrong meals and skip exercising or have a bad habit around exercise as the quest to make money and the balance of life is thrown out the window cause there’s only so many hours in a day so we have to prioritise the best we can. Alongside health is our mental health. The pandemic has hit the world harder than we actually think, the death toll numbers were being told on a daily basis are all surrounding the pandemic, but not surrounding the 3x the normal suicide rate directly linked to the people who are just not coping with our new world.. and the quest to survive. I’ve dealt my hand with bad mental health through panic attacks as well as anxiety and I can tell you it’s no fun as your world changes overnight and you have to learn new tricks just to get out of bed each day and to wind yourself down get a restful night sleep. Some of it is hereditary and some of it isn’t, but regardless it takes time and plenty of support for us to overcome what overcomes us when we’re struck with unhealthy moments.. so add a pandemic to the mix and I’m not surprised that there’s more deaths than normal. So the key is to know your plan and have the courage to do the work. They say the key to life is balance.. so loving the 8x8x8 rule should keep you pretty balanced. What is the 8x8x8 rule? Its breaking down each day to 8 hours of sleep - 8 hours of work - and 8 hours of play. It’s ok to have off days here and there.. but being completely out of whack all the time will send you completely out of whack in your mental health. Activities such as exercise (I’m not talking the gym, but a brisk walk as it’s the best form of exercise which covers every muscle in your body and requires no membership) is available to most of us .. and yeah it may not give you the muscles we’re told you need to look like the guy on the front page of the mens health magazine.. but it will clear your mind, and work all the muscles in your body so you can start or end your day or both.. on the right foot. You can always mix it up by walking some days and riding a bike other days? Or swimming, kayaking? All fun things to do and the spice is in the mix.. so even walking different walks can mix it up for your mind and keep things interesting and new. Let’s not forget that your body will be built for whatever you choose to do with it.. in other words, if all you do is sit on the lounge.. then your body will adapt and only provide you with the muscles to do that.. and get up to eat and walk around the house .. and that’s pretty much it. Whereas if you have a physical job where you need to use a shovel each day.. then your body will work the muscles necessary to do that as it realises that it’s what you need to do each day.. the key here being that you get to chose how you’d like to train your body through repetition as to what you want it to do to do the things you need it.. or how you’d like it to look. Diet plays a huge part, and I’m not talking complicating it but following the latest trend of diet either.. I’m talking about giving your body the correct amount of energy it needs to move each day (depending on how much your actually moving each day).. which is why we eat! Combining the amount of intake based on how you need your body to respond is key, so eating like a king for breakfast makes sense as it’s the mornings that need us to get up and go.. (toast and cereal plus a banana) and then eating an on the go lunch makes sense (a chicken salad is an easy option) and then a healthy dinner (protein plus veggies or salad) not forgetting that you are what you eat and your stomach shapes how your mood will be throughout the day and is the central organ that pretty much controls your whole body.

So, besides realising that it's all about the prep work for your body.. the same applies for your finances.

There's plenty of publications on getting fast results for both your body as well as get rich quick schemes.. as they're trying their best to compete for your attention in the instant gratification world we live in today.

But the reality is that it's the habits you create as well as the prep work that will give you the rewards after you pursue whatever you financial (or healthy) you desires.

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